Saturday, July 5, 2014

[UPDATED] Peek-a-boo!

By Kevin

[Updated: To correct broken links] Take a look at our courtyard. We'd intended to set up a webcam months ago but after moving from our initial apartment we ended up with a nicer place to live with a less spectacular view. Nonetheless, there's no point in hiding the camera in a closet so it's now live with a view from our guest room overlooking half our apartment's large courtyard. While the view out of other windows is better, for practical reasons (WiFi, electrical outlets, cords, etc.) we have settled on this location. If we find a better way to show you a part of Astana we'll consider moving it.

(Link to a current still image in the sidebar)

Do you like the traffic pattern below us? Does Kazakh parking confuse you? How's the weather? Do you have a webcam to show us? What do you think? Leave your comments below.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing, Kevin.
    The traffic should be without any particular problems, as long as there is at least one parking space for each apartment and drivers remember that there are many pedestrians, including small children, in the area.
    The weather at first looked good, but it seems to be raining as I type this.
    I would assume that you checked with your local colleagues about the regulations for live streaming in KZ. In some parts of the world, depending on who lives in your apartment complex, some neighbors might not be very much in favor of live streaming of their movements (again, that is if the neighbors with stuff to hide know about the webcam).
    Good to see that you have the US flag on your window (or balcony).